Kongapay Merchant Portal


Kongapay helps businesses/merchants to receive money and also give them access to a plethora of financial services. visit kongapay.com for more information


Senior Product Designer & Frontend Engineer

I was tasked with redesigning a merchant portal ( a desktop web application ) built to display transactional reports and other meaningful statistical reports to merchants about their business.


  • The merchants generally weren't comfortable with the outlook of the portal. information wasn't represented well and the design was tacky.

  • Tables aren't intuitive and properly displayed. This makes it difficult to sort through data.

  • Infographics to summarize data on the dashboard

Design & Implementation

I focused mainly on representing the data in a simple format that's easily understandable.

A dark theme was also chosen due to the fact that a good number of the users were elderly and they found it easier to read with a darker background.


Transactions Page
I added as much information as the customer would need and made sure the table was easily sortable and filtered.

I also added a sidebar for more metadata concerning every transaction.

Other Pages of the Portal

There were other modules of the application that was remodelled and redesigned to increase usability.

Treasury Management

Settings Page