Krovor is a travel insurance company that specifically targets Millenials that move around with expensive gadgets and equipment.


Senior Product Designer

I was tasked with branding, ux research and interface design.


Getting informed

I kicked off the my process by getting myself acquainted with existing systems that offer the same services as Krovor intends to offer (or closely related).

Here is a list of organizations I found:

- InsureMyEquipment ( )

- worldnomads ( )

- Travel Guard by AIG ( )

After using these products I wrote down a few things:

  • Insurance fees are mostly auto-generated based on equipment type, travel distance and equipment cost.

  • After getting a quote, users have to fill a lengthy form which is quite discouraging.

  • Most insurance platforms do not have a management dashboard for their users to manage policies. They rely on email threads to communicate and keep account of activities.

  • All of them assume the user is already acquainted with insurance policies.


I conducted a survey to gather more information on what potential users know about insurance policies. 7 questions were asked, at least 35 people responded to the survey. All the results are here

Note: the survey was targetted at Millenials who were the intended consumers of the product

Here are some of the survey results:

Deductions & Personas

From the survey I deducted that:

  • Most Digital Nomads are millennials who are mostly software engineers, designers or vloggers.

  • The reason why most nomads don’t pay for insurance is that they have no idea about it.

  • The most valuable equipment nomads travel with are their laptops, cameras and phones.

Design Principles

  • Users must get an education about the importance of insurance and how it worksInsurance coverage must be short and precise

  • Suggest policies based on a user’s behavioural pattern

  • Policy Management must be simple and easy

  • Settings should include - profile management and payment options.

  • A blog platform for suggesting destinations and cultures that might excite nomads.


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Design Implementation